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Wide ranging Project based OD Experience:                                          

This is a long page demonstrating the wide range of projects delivered. The more significant ones are highlighted yellow.


OD Project objective
















Personal role




Regional Crisis Team




UK & Ireland




Plan, Selection, training, exercise









Information & Consultation Directive

Shared Service Centre









Consultant & Facilitator




Global Training Admin System








Project plan, consultants and team selection





Joint Project Leader (user)




Revised Management Development System




UK & Ireland




Project plan + team & consultants




40% cost saving to businesses with more flexibility





Implement PR activities to raise Corp. Awareness in UK

UK & Ireland




Plan, PR Agency, self-development












Harmonise European Recruitment process




Industrial & consumer Blue Chip

20,000 staff




Revise competencies and methods to incorporate custom and need

Successfully implemented




Team Member design + Leader of implementation team

Establish UK Website




Industrial & consumer Blue Chip – First UK web presence




Use content management system to profile UK Biz for stakeholders




First website outside parent country in new format – used as beacon site for rest of world





Intranet introduction




UK Industrial & consumer 1000 staff wit PCs




Identify information needs, build a team of content editors to input and maintain

Launched & ongoing




Team Leader




HR Reporting Team




Industrial & consumer Blue Chip

46,000 staff




Analysed info needed and potential data sources to reduce need for ad hoc report requests

Halved number of reports




Team Member




Implement Corporate Image




6 diverse UK businesses




Implement a unified image across all external and internalcomms.

Implemented includes:



Literature & signage.

Project Leader




Implement Quality for HR Fi IT

 ISO 9001:2000




12 months to implement quality system & gain accreditation

Build team, identify audit body & engage,

Design manual documents, processes.

ISO 9001:2000 accreditation gained 6 weeks ahead of plan and under budget.

Project Leader




Crisis Response Process for UK business




Need for method to cope with reputation threatening events in UK ( on ave. 1 per 5 years )






Manual design




Skeleton Manual / process for 6 UK sites produced

Head office team recruited / sim. exercised to act as model

Project Leader




Devise and implement a career path for sales people




Excessive turnover in sales force

Pharma 80 staff




Grades and criteria devised,

Development courses created




Successful implementation reduced turnover & raised professional standards and competencies

Leader + architect




Implement SalesNVQs




External validation of internal development programme

Pharma 80 staff

Selling / informing,

Enrolling & motivating




National Sales Awards Finalist.

15 successful awards.




Project sponsor and leader




Revise the training and management systems of a Heparin Factory




Pharma 25 staff

New Manager requested help for productivity, quality reasons

Review of processes + floor walk, brainstorming and process mapping




Production, quality, and staff retention all increased.

Commendation in National Training Awards




Facilitator and implementer.




Unite the Sales &Mkting European subsidiaries of a Danish Co.





12 countries. Direct influence at Sales Manager Level 24 people

McKinsey 7 “s” model + facilitation of meetings to establish shared values + editor of newsletter




Values established, emerged as key facilitator & invited to other projects




Team Member to lead facilitator




Implement Sales training in Far East subsidiary + Train trainers





16 countries

58 people


Presentedpsyquads and behaviour skills, Management skills & Trained trainers

Materials & Methods established in region and invited back 7 years later to continue




Trainer, originator and mentor




Professionalise the Global Marketing  Conference





3 MktingMgrs, 6 brand mgrs




Event co-ordination and advice, 1:1 coaching, facilitation of meetings.

“Best conference ever”




Mentor, Coach, advisor, fixer.




Introduce Coaching Process and skills

Pharma 14 Managers + 80 sales




Sourced leading edge coach




Process assimilated into business process.

Fixer + internal coach




Audit of all Sales & Marketing staff skills throughout Europe





850+ staff




Used Sales &Mktingcontacts to design competency framework




Complete audit 97% complete & analysed in 6 months with minimal consultancy




Project Leader

Facilitation, creation, design & delivery.

(Presented in French to pilot group)

Succession Plan

Project to add 20% to top line sales (Europe) over 3 years with no new products





850+ staff




Designed project plan, Sold to country directors,  Built implementation team

Delivered Key element in 2 years – outcome largely achieved – no concrete data

Project Leader




Develop UK Business strategy and implementation team





37 Medical, Corporate, Sales &Mkting staff

over 5 years




Facilitated biannual 2 day meetings that developed key staff and business direction

Effective meetings with tangible competency increases




Originator, design collaborator, facilitator




UK Sales team – introduce Key Account role




14 sales staff




Job description, pers. spec,

Assessment Centre

Skills Development

Developed one of the first Key Acc teams in UK pharmaindustry that was envy of others

Originator, trainer, facilitator,





Unite Shared Service organisation




HR, Finance, IT  90 staff




Skills Matrix and function, Facilitate meetings – 6 thinking hats




Survived service centre rationalisation 32 – 8, and built communicative group

Leader, Facilitator.

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