Psychometrics / Facilitation

Qualified to British Psychological Society Level B and experienced with 7 instruments:

Dimensions - from TalentQ the newest and most business friendly of all for personality and ability (Elements)

MBTI / MBTI StepII - the original and best Jungian personality tool. Calibrated for the UK market and unsurpassed for development.

OPQ - the most widely used personality tool that is robust enough for recruitment.

16pf - the worlds most widely utilised business personality tool.

NEO - an equivalent of 16pf with an excellent reporting engine.

WPQEI- a big 5 factor tool with an extra Emotional Intelligence dimension.

PASSAT- another big 5 tool developed specifically for sales applications.

HDS Hogan Development Survey ("derailers") - the best tool for understanding your strengths and limitations under pressure.

As well as SHL and Test Agency Numerical & Verbal Reasoning tests.

For administration and interpretation of any of the above on a one off, project or bureau service please enquire.

Also proficient with Talent Management tools, Succession Planning tools, Competencies, and 360º Appraisal systems and support.

NVQ Assessor.


Facilitation is the art of enabling groups of people to realise outcomes. A skilled facilitator can help enhance the process in terms of quality of outcome proposed, reducingtime to agreement, and increasing commitment to outcome. If your event is worth gathering people together, it is worth investing some time, and process to ensure that best use is being made of the expensive human resource that is present.

The process followed:

Pre-event  - meet with project sponsor, explore the situation / objectives / people issues to be able to return with a proposal for the event which will answer the needs proposed. Advise / make logistical arrangements that are required.

At event  - establish the atmosphere, support and maintain group focus and energy towards achieving outcomes through a variety of interventions, inter-personal skills and presence. Particular attention is directed towards outcome planning and commitment to best support future success.

Post-event  - material and interventional support to ensure agreed actions are implemented and that the event has fulfilled it's purpose.

Alan Thomas has a wealth of facilitation experience with groups at all levels in organisations from Board to shop-floor and with delegates from all continents and cultures varying in size from 4 to 250 and in duration from 2 hours to 2 days. Content has varied from strategy to production process re-engineering and examples include:

  • designing a competency framework for a pharma Sales & Marketing team of 850 across Europe
  • setting a 15 year strategy for a country business unit
  • agreeing / designing / and implementing a pan-European recruitment methodology
  • re-engineering a production facility through introduction of new technology and process
  • uniting and focussing a dysfunctional R&D / Marketing & Sales team
  • Enabling a senior sales team to rework strategy in a changed business arena
  • and many more examples.

Can provide Facilitation and/or train people to be facilitators

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